Tissot, Time, Timelessness And Other ‘Ts’
Authored by: Sean  

The Tissot tale begins in the year 1853. It begins with a father and son duo coming together and deciding to set up this watchmaking outfit in Le Locle, Switzerland. For Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile Tissot, their factory was the first ‘T’ in the making – tradition.

Tradition took on the shape of innovation as far as Tissot was concerned. So their emphasis on “Innovators by Tradition” has stood the test of time effortlessly. If one were to trace the story of this company, then it would be easy to do so with the 5 Ts attributable to Tissot – Tenacity, Tactile, Thrilling, Tasteful and Trendy.

The Founders Tissot were tenacious enough to travel to lands as far as Russia in an effort to sell their watches. And they survived the Great Depression after which they signed up with the Brandt brothers and went on to create the Société Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogère (SSIH).

Their tradition of innovation resulted in Tissot making the Astrolon in 1971 which had a plastic mechanical movement. You may know this as the origin of today’s Swatch!

The sense of touch took on a whole new dimension when Tissot delivered the tactile experience for the very first time. 1999 saw the amazing Tissot T-Touch shaking up the world.



Touch screen technology was infused into many a creation by this company thereafter; such as the Tissot Sea-Touch and the Tissot T-Touch Expert.

Thrills, chills and spills are all part of the Tissot saga. Exhilarating events such as NASCAR, MotoGP, Fencing World Championships and even the Ice Hockey World Championships have seen Tissot being the official timekeeper in various years.




















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Tissot even used its sports connection to bring together Nicki Hayden and Michael Owen to ride for better healthcare delivery a while back. A thrilling brand? You bet!

Tissot is also about tastefulness. To commemorate their rich history, Tissot brought out various pieces as part of its heritage collection. The Tissot Heritage Navigator Automatic marked their 160th anniversary and the Tissot Heritage Visodate marked its centenary celebrations.

The elegance of inner beauty is put on display with the Tissot Lady Heart Automatic.

Only the best brands in the world survive the incessant march of time. And Tissot has been trendy and kept pace, regardless of the year! Even when it was producing pocket watches for mass consumption way back in 1853, the company made them unique by giving them the ability to tell time in two time zones.

And today, you can get yourself amazing pocket watches that are so very contemporary in their looks.

Also, take the Tissot Heritage Prince I Mechanical. Inspired by art deco and a banana, it has gone through design enhancements and continues to be trendy, just like the Tissot name itself.

No wonder then that Tissot is a talented, thoughtful and tantalizing timepiece today!

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