Too many things tech
Authored by: Monica  

My fridge reprimands me because it is out of OJ. My smart watch exhorts me to answer an email sent from someone I am trying to cut out of my life. My smartphone is blinking furiously at me – no, not with tears of anger but with a gazillion notifications. And my laptop awaits my phase of productivity. But I perhaps am unable to start because my latest productivity app has not been updated. As I drown in beeps, notifications, alerts and pings, I wake up from my nightmare and start my day.

Fortunately for me, I do not live in a high tech world. Yes, I have a smart phone and a laptop but those are my only touch points with the world at large. Really, how many more information and communication sources do I need? It does seem like we have gadgets for every requirement of ours. It also seems like some requirements are thrust upon us. Why should I walk around almost cross eyed with a fancy pair of glasses perched on my nose? I would rather rely on my visual and audio abilities and mechanical command to drive my car rather than wait for my glasses to tell me there is a bump on the road.


And you will not catch me shifting my wrist in quick time between my mouth and my ear and probably missing half the conversation if the person on the other end is speaking really quickly. Take a look at this video and you will know what I mean. Oh I love the tech truths these guys are talking about! No, don’t get me wrong, I am quite a tech fan but should admit to drawing a very firm and physical line at too many gadgets lining up in my life.



Video -


















I love dogs and I understand mine pretty well. Sometimes I do believe he is disappointed in me but I can sense this. I do not want a sensory chip powered collar to tell me so! I would continue to like feeling loved by my canine companion. And then, the rise of e-couture is leaving me in despair. Please, I would be totally embarrassed to find that the clothes I have been wearing have disappeared because I have allowed my heartbeat to accelerate because I found someone cute/good looking.


A wristwatch with a hundred faces. Wow, talk about spending time productively, fiddling around with the watch, trying to change its face to suit your mood or some other thing like that. And I really would like my doctor to take my pulse and ask me to stick my tongue out rather than thwacking my forehead with a device that will send my vitals to his mobile device. And if he is wearing some fancy tech glasses, then I will not even be able to read his eyes to see if there is something wrong with me.


Image –



Right now, I love to turn to my pen and paper list for a lot of things. I love to look up from my smartphone and watch the real world go by. I can sit with an actual book in the park and read and breathe and enjoy life. I can continue to think in straight and blurry lines rather than bits and bytes and pixels and a phasor. I shall pick up orange juice for sure but really, should my refrigerator be telling me about it?

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