Top 5 Hamilton watches
Authored by: Dave  

Just a few degrees of separation come between me and Elvis Presley, Hilary Swank, Richard Gere, Keanu Reeves, Meg Ryan, Sylvester Stallone, George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer. Not that I am namedropping, it is just that all these names fit seamlessly with the Hamilton wristwatch brand. And I review Hamilton watches for on our YouTube channel! Yes indeed, all these stars and many, many more have worn some model of a Hamilton wristwatch in some of their movies. Small wonder then that Hamilton is one of the biggest celebrities in our list of top-selling wristwatches.


One thing for sure, apart from their ‘movie star good looks’ and popular appeal, Hamilton watches deliver in terms of performance as well. On our YouTube channel, the top 5 or most watched Hamilton product reviews are:

    • Hamilton Khaki X-Wind H77696793
    • Hamilton Khaki Pilot H64715885
    • Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart H32565735
    • Hamilton Jazzmaster Maestro H32576515 and
    • Hamilton American Classic JazzMaster Chrono H32616533


The Hamilton Khaki X-Wind H77696793 is a huge aviation watch. The X-Wind or Cross Wind collection allows a pilot to not only look great but also enjoy some amazing functions in terms of wind readings. The gold plated good looks of this watch certainly add to its bearing and you can easily carry it off even when you are not flying!


The beautiful looking Hamilton Khaki Pilot H64715885 is a huge watch at 46 mm. Again, this watch shows off the Hamilton aviation association in a stylish manner. After all, in the year 1919, a Hamilton watch flew between New York and Washington as part of the very first American airmail postal service. Yes, I do express my question marks on how it became a part of the aviation collection, but don’t let that stop you from buying this watch for yourself!






I do love the open spiritedness of exhibition case backs and even the name of the next Hamilton watch on my list is ‘romantic’. The Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart H32565735 is a minimal watch in terms of the info it has on its dial but truly, the box office draw is because of the glimpse it gives you into the machinations of technology.


I wonder if Arturo Toscanini would wear this next Hamilton! Named for its ability to conduct a symphony of style and sophistication, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Maestro H32576515 is all about massive elegance. Music is certainly one of the strongest associations that come to mind when one talks about this watch and it is interesting to note that Hairspray was also a movie based on the Broadway musical of the same name. And in the movie, Michelle Pfeiffer wears a Lady Hamilton watch!





Just as the Statue of Liberty, the bald Eagle, apple pie and Bill Gates are just some classical American symbols, there is also the Hamilton American Classic JazzMaster Chrono H32616533! In name itself, this wristwatch is reminiscent of the time when watches looked really simple and dignified. Of course, this Hamilton packs a lot of features for you. Tom Hanks sported a watch from the Classic Line of Hamilton in the movie, You’ve Got Mail.



Some watch brands like the Hamilton are so beautifully designed that they find their way onto the wrist of many a celebrity, both on and off screen. Whether it is the Khaki collection that you go in for or the famous Ventura series, the one thing that you will be getting is a timepiece that has held its own in terms of performance and style. Getting closer to your favorite star is perhaps easier if you look for a Hamilton that he or she may have worn!

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