Top 5 Luminox watches
Authored by: Dave  

Luminox, undoubtedly, is one of our strongest selling brands. This should come as no surprise really because the watches have their signature illumination technology to offer and some massive good looks. Luminox is also known for their amazing series such as Black Ops, Mariner and Tony Kanaan. The quality and performance of a Luminox is probably something that you can take for granted – after all, the military relies on many a Luminox! From time to time I have the pleasure of reviewing a Luminox for you and you can find all the Luminox reviews on our YouTube channel. But for now, here are the top 5 viewed reviews.


The Luminox Field 1879.BO was interesting because it is an undeniably masculine watch. The deep black of every facet of this watch makes it a very smart looking watch too. So, to paraphrase Henry Ford, if you like your watches in any color as long as they are black this timepiece is it!


The Luminox Colormark Chronograph 3081BO is yet another watch from their BO or black out collection. This too is another totally black watch but looks so very different from the previous watch. I love the textures and layers of black that have been given to this watch. This is a massive watch at 44 mm and gets a further boost of personality because of the materials that have gone into the making of the case and the crystal.


Another bold watch from the stable of Luminox is the Recon Point Man 8821 KM. The military association of this brand is so very visible in this watch. The walking tachymeter is a neat touch to this watch. Named after the point man in the recon team, this watch has also been created in collaboration with Andrea Micheli, who was a Swiss Army Military Security NCO.







Named after the amazing Atacama Desert, the Luminox 1845 Atacama Chronograph has a fabulous air to it. The leather strap and the colors evoke the Atacama! The sandy colors and the chronograph details make this watch a very stylish and functional addition to anybody’s wardrobe. Yes, the water resistance is great but you would have to decide whether you would want to swim with this watch on your wrist!

Finally, the Luminox Scott Cassell Navy SEAL 3954 was also on our top 5 list of most watched Luminox watches. Scott Cassell is a hero in so many ways and this watch perhaps celebrates his multifaceted personality with so many features. The display of this watch is clear and bold – in bright light and in dim light too.



Of course, there are plenty more of Luminox watches for you to go through. While the above list was the top 5 watched Luminox videos, has plenty more to offer too. You could even go through my other video reviews and then decide on which Luminox is coming home to you. Enjoy the light of amazing technology!

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