Treats Galore For Halloween!
Authored by: Monica  

Going trick or treatin’ is one of the most enjoyable activities associated with Halloween. Then there is the oodles of time and creativity that you can invest into coming up with really spooky decorations and pranks. What can I even say about pumpkin carving and putting together deliciously scary costumes? Yes indeed, Halloween can be an immensely exciting time to do many things including indulging in watches ‘made for’ Halloween!


We at DiscountShop thought about the kinds of watches we could showcase when it comes to Halloween. Traditional colors of this festival, scary motifs and many other considerations ran amok and then came together to give you this list of treats.


Jack-o’-lanterns will be found everywhere! The history of carving a pumpkin harks back to several hundred years to a guy called Stingy Jack carving a turnip to deal with the fact that he could neither enter Heaven nor Hell! The point of the story is the carved pumpkin that is integral to Halloween. Such is the popularity of this symbol that NASA has told the world to expect an astral pumpkin as well!


Vivid orange is easily the most recognizable symbol of this festival. And therefore, you simply must have the Mulco Women’s Fondo Wheel MW1-74197-065 making a mighty presence on your wrist.


Mulco Women's Fondo Wheel

Mulco Women’s Fondo Wheel


The Seapro Men’s Scuba Dragon SP8314 gives you a classic orange presence as well and throws in some ghostly waves onto the dial as well.

Seapro Men's Scuba Dragon

Seapro Men’s Scuba Dragon


Black – the color of witches robes, the dark side and the many monsters that can blend into the night. Black cats are a standard addition to Halloween celebrations. They were associated with witchcraft and sorcery most intensely in the Medieval times. So go completely black with the Diesel Chronograph DZ4261 for a very mysterious look!

Diesel Chronograph

Diesel Chronograph


The Nixon 51-30 Tide A057 All Black Nylon A057-1148 is a cool looking watch with its black and nylon look. Think of a bat whisking past on silent wings of spookiness!

Nixon All Black/Nylon

Nixon All Black/Nylon


Spooky, eerie green is a Halloween color that is so very versatile. Think of what Nina Willis Walter said,
“The witches fly
Across the sky,
The owls go, “Who? Who? Who?”
The black cats yowl
And green ghosts howl,
“Scary Halloween to you!”


To get a perfectly ghoulish, ghostly, goblin-like watch for yourself, go with the Kr3w Women’s Freshman K1341GR. Does it have a rather spooky font for its iconic slogan?


Kr3w Women's Freshman

Kr3w Women’s Freshman


The  Seiko 5 SNK805K2 will make for a rather stylish ‘spirit’ on your wrist. The white accents on this watch add a touch of mysterious revenant to your wrist.

Seiko 5

Seiko 5


The drama of purple is the reason why it makes it to Halloween color charts every time. It is one shade associated with mysticism and the supernatural. There is a reason why the deadly nightshade is purple! Let the horse carriage of the Coach Women’s Boyfriend 14502087 drive you into the magic of Halloween.

Coach Women's Boyfriend

Coach Women’s Boyfriend


The deeply enigmatic looks of the Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive AW1264-59W make it a perfect Halloween watch.

Citizen Men's Eco Drive

Citizen Men’s Eco Drive


A vampire’s lips drip with blood and the eyes of a werewolf gleam with the cerise flames of an eternal feral instinct. How can any Halloween list be complete until it includes the color of life, blood and utter power? So, go red with the Casio G-Shock GA110FC-1A.

Casio G-Shock

Casio G-Shock



The red blood and pink flesh combination of the Marc Jacobs Women’s Baker MBM3344 is also pretty bloodthirsty!


Marc Jacobs Women's Baker

Marc Jacobs Women’s Baker


And finally, we come to the most spectral color – white. Spooks floating about on Halloween are all white aren’t they? Aural presences galore and sudden drops in temperature simply mean that you have walked through a wraith that has been around for eons! For timelessness as far as style is concerned, you can go with the Armani Ceramica AR1431.


Armani Ceramica

Armani Ceramica



The skull simply has to put in an appearance for Halloween and the Toy Unisex’s Classic S05WHLB puts the classis skull and crossbones on your dial.


Toy Unisex's Classic

Toy Unisex’s Classic


So there you have it folks – Happy Halloween and go ahead and check out our many other watches – skulls and all.

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