Tying On A Bit of Color
Authored by: Sean  

Imagine a world without any color. No, wait, hold that thought. Do not try and imagine such a thing because I am pretty sure that it could be a scary thought. Every aspect of life is imbued with a certain color – white dresses for weddings, black for funerals, being in the pink of health and the orange sun!

And it is pretty much the same when it comes to the wristwatches that you wear. There was a time when wristwatches were pretty staid. They were made of metals like steel, gold or silver. And probably, further could be divided between just 3 colors – black, brown and white. Thankfully, the world of wristwatches has changed for the colorful. So today, neon greens, shocking pinks, brilliant oranges are all par for the course. Of course, there are sober blues, browns and whites as well. The entire spectrum of colors is available most in the strap of the watch.


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So when you look for a watch, the chances are that you will take a look at the strap as well. So how does an individual choose a particular strap? For example, does the monochrome world of Luminox watches hold more appeal than the fearless Nixon watches?

For instance, would you buy a Luminox Navy Seal Colormark 38mm 7051BO? As black as it is! Or would you leap up with excitement at the thought of purchasing a Nixon Time Teller P A119 Rasta?

There certainly are many ways by which people decide to buy watches with particular strap colors. Probably the easiest thing to do is to buy a watch because it has your favorite color in its strap. So maybe the power of red is completely your style. And for others, it could be the oneness with nature that is personified by green. You could also accessorize your watch with your clothes. While the formal world of fashion certainly dictates what goes with what, you can certainly mix-and-match as it suits you as well. For instance, a brown leather strap is probably the best or the safest choice to make when a gentleman’s clothes are predominantly brown. A lady can probably carry off a watch with a lovely gold strap when she is wearing her black cocktail dress. Straps are not always uni-color. Today, there are plenty of straps coming up which are made up of different shades. Good old leather straps can come in various shades of tan, sand and black and so on. Leather can get even funkier depending on the animal that has gone into its production.


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Even metal bands can come in various colours – green, black, gray, good old stainless steel and so on have their own unique charms. You could also choose your strap color depending on the kind of “embellishments” that your watch has. For instance, quite a few of Michael Kors watches come with a row or two of stones around the dial. Take the Michael Kors Mini Madison MK5458. White and white simply is perfect is it not?

The entire effect is rather pleasing on the eye. And you will choose a strap color that is a perfect blend with bling of different colors too. Most watch companies do bring about popular models in various popular colours as well. And at the end of the day, it is simply a question of visual appeal that probably drives people like you to choose a particular color. So here is wishing you more color power when it comes to telling time!

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