Usefulness of a Watch
Authored by: Monica  

According to statistics released by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, there are 1,200,000,000 watches sold every year all over the world. The Switzerland watch manufacturers hold a market share of more than 50%.  These statistics simply reveal the importance of a watch, no doubt. At the risk of sounding slightly sacrilegious then, have you ever thought of a world or scenario when the human population did not have a watch? What happens to the various businesses, government organizations and even individuals if they did not have watches on their wrists? Would we be stuck with telling time by the Sun and the shadow that it casts on the ground?


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The watch is definitely important. There is no getting away from that fact. In fact, out of all the gadgets that have been introduced in the world, the watch has stayed faithful to its original “manifesto”. Gadgets such as televisions, phones and even cellular phones and cameras have undergone various levels of metamorphosis. They have now become converged devices. Their original aim and purpose have changed to a massive degree.

Going back to the original question of what happens if we did not have watch, maybe it is best discussed by focusing on one feature namely time telling. As unimaginable as it may be, there are quite a lot of people who simply do not have wristwatches and also do not really refer to their cellphones or wall clocks to run their lives. Mealtimes would therefore be dictated by what their stomachs tell them! Rising and sleeping are dictated by the position of the sun or the moon in the skies. And the general day is dictated by a sense of routine and a fixed number of tasks that they have to perform.


Though I have plenty of friends who fall into this category, I must confess that I find a watch a ‘comforting’ device to have around! There is absolutely no doubt that the usefulness of watch is sacrosanct. But my favorite question remains, do we need to be slaves to the device or use it only as a guide for everyday activities?

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