Videos Galore –’s Dave reviews some amazing watches for you
Authored by: Monica  

Every now and then, selects a few amazing watches and Dave, our in-house watch reviewer works his magic. We believe in giving you videos on features that are interesting and intriguing too. Let the videos speak for themselves!










The Luminox Scott Cassell 3059SET is named for an incredible underwater filmmaker who also wears several hats – explorer, counter terrorism operative and cave diver. One of the unique features of this watch is the picture of the giant squid on one of the additional straps. Cassell was the first one to film a giant squid. The timepiece is a solid creation and has a vivid face and is easily readable in the dark. You can also slide on a compass if you need to know the direction in which you are heading!
















Speaking of heading in right directions, the next watch on our list is the Hamilton Khaki Pilot GMT H76755135 and you have to head to it. It has an automatic movement that you can see through the skeleton case back. The timepiece brings together elegance and plenty of performance features. As aviation watches go, this one from Hamilton is a must have.





















The word ‘edifice’ means two things – a system of beliefs and a huge building. The Casio Edifice ERA200B-1A brings together the essence of both these aspects! It will reaffirm your belief in this brand and the amazing things it can do to build a watch that looks magnificent and performs fabulously too. The second hand becomes a magnetic North in an instant when you want it to.





















The TW Steel CEO Tech CE1035 is iconic. But don’t take our word for it – look at the video! This watch is unabashed in its size and intends to dominate in terms of style. The strap of this watch is very interesting to the touch. The signature construction of the crown will delight you immensely. White leather and gold touches make for a striking timepiece.























From the house of Seiko comes the Seiko Velatura SPC041P1 with its very solid and classic color combination. This is a watch aimed at the sailor and the yachtsman but when you look at how good it looks, you will probably want it on your wrist regardless! Chronograph and dual time capability are just some of the features incorporated in this watch.














There are many more videos on our YouTube channel so do feel free to check them all out.

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