Watches worn by famous people
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So, there are two ways of looking at the watches that famous people wear. One is that they are brand ambassadors, paid to support what a brand does. Second is that legendary people wore these watches simply out of personal choice. Regardless of this distinction, it is indeed interesting to see what rested on the wrists of people like Lincoln, Einstein and even Marie Antoinette. Here are some of the timepieces that made history simply because they were associated with a man or woman of stature.


Albert Einstein’s watch, a Longines, was auctioned in 2008. This rectangular watch was given to Einstein in 1931. Einstein also owned a pocket watch from Longines and it now resides in the History Museum in Bern.


Alberto Santos-Dumont a Brazilian aviator, conquered air in so many different ways. From the practical need to check his watch without taking his hands off the controls, came the discussion with Louis Cartier. This conversation ended in the production of the watch with a small buckle and a strap made of leather. The Cartier Santos 1904 was the first ever pilot watch.


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One of the legends of the swimming world is Mercedes Gleitze. She was the first woman to swim the English Channel in 1927. Her efforts made it possible for the first waterproof watch to come into the limelight. This watch was the Rolex Oyster.


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Even the apostle of peace, Mahatma Gandhi had to be on time. He trusted his Zenith pocket watch. Queen Victoria was known for the extraordinarily beautiful Patek Phillippe creation. This was a keyless winding watch in powder blue finish.


 No list of historic figures and their watches is complete without JFK. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was said to have favored an Omega among other brands. And one of the Omegas that made history was the one he wore at his Inauguration Ceremony.




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Given the achievements and successes of all these people, you have to wonder whether their choices reflect their attention to detail and whether these watches , in turn, reflect their sense of the role they played in this world.


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