Water Damage !
Authored by: Monica  

There are various ways a watch can be damaged. One can crack the dial, destroy the strap or even crush the whole thing into pieces. But one of the most common damaging reasons we hear from customers are related to Water Damage. This applies across the board to all brands. They can range from condensation to damaged water gaskets.


Here are a few pointers that we’d like you the customers to know:


  1. Always know what the Water Resistance capability of your watch. This means that if you’re going diving and have a watch that has a WR of 10M, it probably isn’t the best idea to wear it on your trip.
  2. Try not to expose your watch to cleansers (after-shave lotion, cleaning solutions) as such chemicals have a greater chance of affecting the gasket of the watch.
  3. Generally any condensation that develops inside the watch, should clear out itself. (If it doesn’t, we’re here to help! Keeping in mind you’re still under our 1-Year- Warranty Period)


Here’s an excerpt from a Luminox manual that highlights the same idea.

Water Damage



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2 Responses to Water Damage !
  1. Noemi olvera says:

    I got a luminox watch for my husban for this past x-mas . He doesn’t swim or showers wearing it but I’m really disappoint because once in a while it gets foggy/water inside , it wasn’t a cheap watch at all and I don’t think it’s normal for such a brand name watch to happen at barely couple months of use I need u guys to contact me to tell me what te next step will be to repair or replace the watch I’m embarrass with my husband for this defective item.

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    • admin says:

      Thanks for your message. Please be advised that vapor inside the glass is not at all uncommon with Luminox watches.The image in this post is a scan from the Luminox Instruction Manual that comments on this point. As indicated in the instruction manual, the vapor should evaporate on its own.

      If you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. If the condensation does not disappear, please let us know.


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