Ways To Watch
Authored by: Sean  

Probably because I am associated with an online retailer of watches, my ears tend to perk up when someone mentions the word “watch”. So it was indeed slightly embarrassing when a couple of days ago a group of people who stay in my vicinity started talking about a neighborhood watch and I asked, “How interesting, which brand is coming into town?” Many apologies later, I was forgiven for zoning out but it did get me thinking about the different ways in which one can interpret the word ‘watch’.


Coincidentally, we were also talking about how the NSA and the FBI are going about doing their business. Interestingly, nobody really knows the extent of their business operations but the newspapers are rife with how a dragnet has been cast over several million Americans and probably citizens from other countries as well.




So, if you do get the feeling of being watched, you may not be too far from the truth. Should we get paranoid about all this? Is it all in the interest of national security and by extension our own personal security? How about privacy laws? There are no easy answers here and this blog is certainly not the forum to start a serious discussion on the subject! Is being watched always a bad thing?


In moments of emotional challenges, I have found help in the most unexpected sources. Even if I am not actively looking for the same, there is some ray of light somewhere and I adhere to the famous World War II poster which said “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON”. So maybe I have a guardian angel watching over me, despite his busy schedule of taking care of me. I will take this kind of “watching over” anytime!


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According to statistics released by Pen America, 85% of writers are censoring themselves so that they do not come into the crosshairs of the NSA. Things like avoiding discussing about certain topics, social networking and so on are becoming par for the course because a lot of us are worried that somebody is watching us.


Indubitably, there needs to be a sense of balance between government agencies watching us and protection of personal privacy. Otherwise, we as a nation are probably heading into the vortex greater paranoia. Living fearlessly, especially when we have nothing to hide, is a good way to watch the world go by.

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