What makes Casio tick ?
Authored by: Sean  

If you were to take the “simple answers to simple questions” approach, then you will probably answer by saying “Amazing digital movement”. Of course, you would be right but here we are trying to delve into the deeper meaning behind the question of what makes Casio tick.

If you were to go back to the year 1957, then you would be able to witness events such as the unbelievable rise of Elvis Presley and the severely ominous Operation Dropshot. But in June 1957, Casio Computer Company came to be in Japan.


The history of this amazing brand of watches starts with being inextricably linked to the calculators that Casio used to make!

Tracing the timeline of the incredible Casio watch story is an interesting exercise because it features some unbelievable products which are nothing short of engineering marvels.

1974 – The Casiotron changes the way people read time because this was a watch that had a fully automatic calendar and could actually be smart about adjusting for leap years as well.



1982 – Casio bridges the worlds of digital and analog by coming up with a watch that had both these movements. Take for instance, the Casio Baby G


1983 – The first Avatar of the G-Shock makes its debut. Since then, this amazing timepiece has gone through much advancement to become one of the most popular watches of the world today. The history of the G shock watch is a story for another day! 

But for now, you can always enjoy the “amazing digital movement” of this watch with the range of G-Shock watches such as the Casio G-Shock DW6900CB-4.


1984 – You could now look at your watch for getting details of telephone numbers as well



1989 – Casio once again proves that it is a game changer by coming up with the wristwatch that had the ability to forecast weather.



1999 – The world saw a watch that could not only tell time but could also help you find your way with satellite navigation capabilities.



2000 – Again, Casio proved that you can actually combine two very different gadgets such as a digital camera and a wristwatch with its WQV-1.



2007 – The aptly named ‘Manta’ became the world’s slimmest solar powered chronograph. It also is radio controlled.



And since Casio is one brand that constantly innovates and invents, you can rest assured that there is plenty more to come in the continuing history of the Casio brand.

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