What to do with your To Do List
Authored by: Monica  

One of the best scenes in the movie The Cat in the Hat is the one where Dakota Fanning as Sally Walden is making her ‘to do’ list. Among many other things, she is telling herself to make the to do list, research graduate schools, practice coloring and be spontaneous. That scene almost always cracks me up especially because her brother is preparing to swoosh down the staircase in an ‘indoor stair luge’.


While there are many things to be delighted about in this scene it is probably the entries of “be spontaneous” and “make tomorrow’s to do list” that calls to mind how a to do list can become! Depending on your style of working a to do list can:

√ Become a living, breathing metamorphosing entity by itself,

√ Take on ferocious proportions,

√ Be the rock that you have to roll up a hill like Sisyphus,

√ Act like the Code of Conduct and Chivalry that the Knights of yore lived their life by. 

One could actually go on and on about how a to do list can be so many things to so many people. But the common thread really is how to go about actually completing your tasks in a specific time frame! If you have drawn up a to do list it simply means that you are at least halfway serious about being organised and maybe even about slotting a time for being spontaneous! Here are a few things that should get you started.


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Using an app

If the management of time is really the main reason for creating a to do list, then there are a zillion productivity applications that you can download. They are pretty useful simply because they give you the flexibility of entering all the work that you need done, wherever you may be and will actually help you track progress as well.


The task and the reward

Put all the tasks that need to be done in a specific time out on a list and then alternate them. That is one task that you simply love to do and another that you are not looking forward to doing! So complete a task that you hate doing and reward yourself with a task that you love doing. It actually works! And by all means let the task that you love doing be something like reading a book, taking a walk in the rain, pretty much anything that you want to do today.


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Carving up your day

Depending on the time of the day that you are at your most productive, you could set aside a block of hours to accomplish the most difficult task on your to do list. You will have plenty of energy levels to complete most tasks and find that you still have some time left to spare.


Put your head down and go for it

Perhaps the simplest way out is really to be completely bull-headed about completing your to do list. Do not wait for a right time to start a particular task or project. The first of the month, or Monday or a particular date is just another day! Why not start the task right now? Look at your to do list, take a really deep breath and then bash on regardless!


Whether you are going the Sally Walden way of doing things or a combination of digital and dogged perseverance, a to-do list is nothing to be feared! It can be great fun because at the end of the list lies a huge sense of accomplishment!

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