Why Does The Second Hand Not Align Perfectly With The Marker?
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Many a time, the DiscountShop team gets feedback from customers who have watches where the second hand does not align with the markers correctly. Sometimes the misalignment is miniscule and sometimes it is not. Regardless of the ‘degree’ of misalignment, it is perceived as a defect. So, is this a defect? If yes, how can it be repaired? What should you as a customer or watch buyer do?


At the very start, we must assure you that a watch with a misaligned second hand is not a defective piece. Even more, it is not a fake item especially when you have purchased it from DiscountShop. The explanation for a ‘slightly off the mark’ second hand is technical and has to do with quartz watches consisting of many moving parts.

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Leading watch brands are extremely quality conscious and will not allow defective pieces to mar their brand. Take a look at what TAG Heuer, for instance, has to say about the second hand not hitting the markers. Every watch maker makes a very slight allowance for the second hand being a fraction of a space away. Buyers of leading watch brands have all dealt with this issue in some models.

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The stopping points of the hands on wristwatch are controlled by gears, rachets and springs and other mechanical components. In some cases, the manufacturer will set the hands with a bit of play to cater for future wear and tear. In a few watches, gravity may also have a part to play in pulling at the second hand. A lot depends on the model you have purchased.

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The components that work your watch from inside are small and are located at different heights relative to each other as well. You can find even more detailed information on how this works at



Video -

Take a look at this video where the second hand is infinitesimally off the markers. This Seiko is a high-performance timepiece of course! But the video is simply to illustrate how small the ‘misalignment’ is and more importantly, how it does not affect the functioning of the timepiece in most cases.





















What can you do about this problem?
Online forums dedicated to watches talk about this problem and for most people it is an infinitesimal thing – something that should not come in the way of their relationship with a good watch.


But we understand that it may be a problem for you and perhaps the best way you can address this is to do one of the following:
• Take your watch to the branded outlet closest to your location
• Trust your wristwatch to a local repair store but please do ensure that you do not run the risk of nullifying any manufacturer warranties on the product.


DiscountShop does not offer any guarantees on alignment of hands and markers but we know that the manufacturer will certainly help you in this regard.

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