Wrist wars
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Digital, analog, smart, wearable, mechanical – some of the armies that are playing a major role in the war of wristwatches. Plenty of watchmakers and brands are eyeing some amazing technologies and marketing strategies. So, what can we expect when it comes to the near future and wristwatches? There is probably little doubt that the wristwatch does face a lot of competition, so to speak, from various other sources such as cell phones. While there is no denying the fact that a wristwatch has always been a highly functional and a high quality product, the technology and innovations of the future are going to make it more valuable to the wearer.


Digital watches are probably going to be the leading examples of converged technologies. They will be able to give the wearer useful information for areas such as fitness, music and even niche services such as counting calories and calories burned.

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Touchscreen is also going to be a very big game changer. Drawing a parallel between smart phones and smart wristwatches, you can easily make out how touchscreen has indeed changed the way people interact with their cellular phones. Similarly, the facility of tactile interaction is going to bring about a paradigm shift when it comes to watches.


Complications are also going to be a game changer. Big names are going to look at adding on more complications that the individual wearer will enjoy. Agreed, that not all complications are useful on an everyday basis but if we are talking about the value of a wristwatch then complications are where the action is going to be.


Technology is also going to play a huge role not just at the user end of the wristwatch but also in the manufacturing side of things. Companies such as Patek Philippe and other luxury brands do adhere rather strictly to using ‘people power’ to create their watches. However, there may be a growing role for technology as well. This is also true because there may be a reduction in the availability of skilled labor as well. This will also mean that brands will work extremely hard to ensure that there is absolutely no dilution in their value as makers of hand crafted timepieces.


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Watchmakers will also explore new markets for their products. According to a study done by Deloitte, 65% of executives in the Swiss watch industry are positive about emerging markets such as North America. Distribution and marketing will also change and grow to include social media networking or marketing, vertical integration and the growth of authorized dealers when it comes to sales and distribution.


Finally, the need to introduce new models and harness the immense power of innovation will also mean massive enhancements to any brand or company’s arsenal. Therefore, looking out for what the wristwatch industry holds in the near future is going to be yet another interesting thing to do!

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