DiscountShop's network of suppliers include brand owners, authorized agents, and dealers. We build deep relationships within this network and all our business partners are properly verified. We can therefore guarantee that every item in our inventory is inspected and verified for authenticity.


The authenticity of every item we sell is guaranteed and backed by a 200% refund challenge. This means that, if your purchase is found to be anything but authentic, we will refund you double of what you paid for it. DiscountShop retains legal counsel through the law offices of Johnson Legal PLLC. This challenge is administered by our attorney, Mr Lance Johnson.


Igor Erman, Certified Horologist and Authenticator, with over 30 years of experience in the industry, ensures our quality control by inspecting all merchandise received from suppliers and even the returns received from customers.


DiscountShop is registered under the US Customs & Trade Partnership program & the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Our certifications and registrations with federal agencies are administered by the law offices of Gray Robinson through our attorney, Mr Peter Quinter.