Warranty Options for Electronics

For many brands sold by DiscountShop, we are acting independently of the manufacturer in discounting prices below the manufacturer's suggested/advertised retail price. The law that permits us to do so is enshrined in the First-Sale Doctrine.  

Often manufacturers will not service an item for free unless it is purchased at retail price from one of their authorized agents. Basically, their point is that when you buy at a discounted price, you forfeit the right to demand free service from them if something goes wrong with the product. This is well and truly your trade-off when you buy from DiscountShop versus buying directly from an authorized dealer. We therefore recommend that you purchase a warranty separately from service specialists. Here is a list of some of them -

Warranty Options for Watches

Watches sold by DiscountShop are covered by a limited warranty valid for one year after the purchase. This means that if your watch stops functioning, or if it is malfunctioning (i.e. gaining/losing time), we will repair or replace (at our option) the movement free of charge.

The warranty does not cover

    1. Normal wear and tear of band, crystal, stem, bezel, crown, battery, watch case or plating of metal components.
    2. Damage to the watch case or movement caused by water entering the watch due to improper use or handling.
    3. Missing/lost parts.
    4. Defects or damage caused by tampering, inappropriate use, or repair performed by other service centers.